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The demonstration presets a local area for you, but after that you can do whatever you like. Change budgets, upload new suppliers, change values, even email yourself the reports. Every time you make a change you are able to see the impact on the new dashboard and the improved results area.

Lm3Online Live has been developed specifically for use from project start right through to completion. This is particularly useful for large scale projects that last over years.

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The new dashboard allows you to see at a glance exactly what the status of the project is at all times. The dashboard shows exactly what stage of the project you have reached, what the budget situation is, and the economic impact of the project.

This is now calculated and extrapolated to the end of the project for you automatically. With this is an entirely new box that shows how much confidence you can have in the data. Finally if you or your client wishes you can also set up a target for measuring direct spending impacts, and this is shown as well.

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