LM3 Online enables you to calculate your organisation’s local economic impact on its community


Whatever your reason for measuring your local economic impact, LM3 Online is the fastest, most user-friendly, and most cost-efficient method available.  Now completely redeveloped to show for the first time not only your average LM3 but also the difference that using local or non-local suppliers makes to the local economy.  This makes LM3 the key tool in delivering both coherent Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and Sustainability Measurement.

The new model now also works anywhere in the world making it available for all forms of international grant aid impact, and global Corporate Social Responsibility uses.


LM3 measures the multiplier effect of income into a local economy over three 'rounds' of spending. The tool takes into account:

Round 1 -  Any organisation’s turnover or project cost including procurement and employee wages and other forms of cost.

Round 2 -  Where and with whom the company spends that money.

Round 3 - Where and how suppliers and employees re-spend their incomes.

The multiplier is then calculated for every unit of currency spent within a ‘local’ area selected by the user. For example, an LM3 score of 1.50 would indicate that every $1 earned by your company generates an additional $0.50 for your local area.

LM3 has been applied in the UK public sector at local government levels, and been used to demonstrate the local economic impact of over £13 billion of public, private, and not for profit spending.