Framework module overview

LM3Online Framework has been developed large commissioning organisations who need to work closely with their Tier 1’s and supply chains.

 Framework allows socio economic impacts, including employment, apprenticeships and other metrics to be gathered and reported upon. In addition modules can show global economic impacts, identify critical recurring suppliers lower down in supply chains, and provide contract managers with supplier management and information systems.

See what's new in our dashboard

Data calculated automatically

The dashboard shows exactly what stage of the project you have reached, what the budget situation is, and the economic impact of the project. This is now calculated and extrapolated to the end of the project for you automatically. With this is an entirely new box that shows how much confidence you can have in the data.

See the whole project summary
Drill down into the detail of any project

Measure spending impact

Finally if you or your client wishes you can also set up a target for measuring direct spending impacts, and this is shown as well. All of this is now possible because you can change all of the information about a project at any time. The system will immediately recalculate and show you the impact of the changes.

More flexibility

In addition we have added a new costs area to enable more flexibility in matching Client project total to operational project total and allowed the possibility of loss making projects. Not only that but suppliers can be added or removed, amounts spent with them changed.

Map individual Tier 1 supply chains
Show economic impacts on UK regions.

Live report available

At any time you can produce a full report showing a historical audit report showing all changes that is automatically updated and saved every 24 hours. You can also produce your standard project report for you or your client whenever you need it.

Comprehensive, flexible and powerful

Standard report shows all of the key information including supplier responses, location, and all LM3 calculations.

This is the most comprehensive, flexible, and powerful module that we have ever produced. We are rather proud of it, and also acknowledge the help and support of Morgan Sindall group who partnered with us to produce it.

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Use the Contract Manager module to manage T2 suppliers and search supply chains.

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