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LM3Online Live has been developed specifically for use from project start right through to completion.

This is particularly useful for large scale projects that last over years. The new dashboard allows you to see at a glance exactly what the status of the project is at all times.

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Data calculated continuously and automatically

The dashboard shows exactly what stage of the project you have reached, what the budget situation is, and the economic impact of the project. This is now calculated and extrapolated to the end of the project for you automatically. We also show you how much confidence you can have in the data.

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map suppliers

Map Your Suppliers

See where all of your supply chain is located, both for individual areas and the whole of your organisation (depending on which LM3 module you are using).  See those that have and have not responded, and the value you have generated for local communities.  Zoom in at any time to show more detail of supplier contracts.

More flexibility

You can add new suppliers, change the value for existing suppliers.  The system recalculates in real time as you do so.  Any value can be changed and we know that over a project not all figures will be final so we let you run the whole project in both underspend and overspend.  In the background the model adjusts as necessary but you still see what outcomes are being achieved.

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Collect additional social value information

Because the system is in direct contact with your supply chain we can insert additional questions for data that you may also want to collect.  For example on jobs and apprenticeships created or workforce diversity.  Its up to you how much you want to collect.

Comprehensive, flexible and powerful

Standard report shows all of the key information including supplier responses, location, and all LM3 calculations.

This is the most comprehensive, flexible, and powerful module that we have ever produced. We are rather proud of it, and also acknowledge the help and support of Morgan Sindall group who partnered with us to produce it.

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If you need more information or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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