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Demonstrations and Downloads

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1. NEW LM3 LIVE - For large projects that need to generate impact measurement from the start but also be able to change anything anytime.

2. LM3 Model Historical - If you want to understand the LM3 process and what it delivers.  

3. Coming soon - LM3 Predicitive - Specially designed for you to use in the tender process.  Uses our system data to produce an immediate prediction.



1. Live module overview - brief explanation and a full list of what data you will need to run the module.

2. Predictive module overview - brief explanation and how to use it as part of a tender submission

3. Our new step by step guide to implementing LM3 (historic)

4. See an example report of an LM3 exercise (historic) as produced by the system

5. A data upload template to see what data you need about your suppliers

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What you get!

LM3 Live Demo

The demonstration presets a local area for you, but after that you can do whatever you like. Change budgets, upload new suppliers, change values, even email yourself the reports.  Every time you make a change you are able to see the impact on the new dashboard and the improved results area

Lm3Online Live has been developed specifically for use from project start right through to completion. This is particularly useful for large scale projects that last over years. The new dashboard allows you to see at a glance exactly what the status of the project is at all times. The dashboard shows exactly what stage of the project you have reached, what the budget situation is, and the economic impact of the project. This is now calculated and extrapolated to the end of the project for you automatically. With this is an entirely new box that shows how much confidence you can have in the data. Finally if you or your client wishes you can also set up a target for measuring direct spending impacts, and this is shown as well. 

LM3 Historic Demo

In the LM3 demonstration version you will be able to use the LM3 model as though it was the real thing.  The only difference is that we will use only 4 example suppliers but you get to choose your local area and decide the budget.

You will also get the chance to see how the LM3 online survey looks to your suppliers and what they will need to complete the exercise. At the end you will be able to review and analyse the results of the survey.

Predictive Module

Coming soon - Lm3Online predictive module is specifically designed to help you to produce an auditable and realistic projection of the potential local economic impact of a project and to be able to use this for preparation of tender information. As soon as the base information is uploaded the system immediately calculates a first pass prediction based on the average of all our actual data from projects. If you want to go further then you can email your potential suppliers to ask them to provide individual estimates for you. The system will seamlessly incorporate these returns.  Alternatively you can use the "What If" projector to see what would happen if you change projected spending percentages.