Our other products


Impact Manager

Specifically commissioned by a leading agency to track procurement impacts across all elements of sustainability (economic, environmental, and social). Then to use the individual contract data to measure organisational performance against key performance indicators.


Impact Predictor

Private and community sector users can use the tool to demonstrate indicative economic and employment impacts of their approach for the local economy providing a competitive advantage and an evidence base for community benefit. more...

Social Tool organiser

Developed for South Tyneside matches procurement classification systems against a library of social clauses to maximise sustainability and community impact of procurements.

Procurement Cupboard

The Cupboard provides a framework for procurement professionals to find case studies, tools, primary documents, and contacts to deliver on multiple public sector targets.


Enables organisations to merge multiple data sources and types to identify strategic sustainability and key opportunities.

Procurement Impact Tool

The public procurement impact tool allows you to calculate the effect on jobs and the wider economy that will result from changing a number of variables, such as total spend, % of local spend.