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No of uses No of suppliers Core Licences Initial cost  £ 1st year Annual charge  £
1 10 Micro/Charity 30 N/A
1 100 Single project 1000 N/A
Unlimited 20 Multi project 2000 1000
Unlimited Unlimited Predictive module standalone unlimited uses 1000 500
Unlimited Unlimited Large organisation 4100 2050
    Additional Modules*    
    Live Module addition 1000 500
    Predictive module per use option 50 N/A
    Social Value module (basic 10 additional questions) 250 250
    Corporate management module 3500 1750
    Total package includes all modules 10000 5000
    Procurement Framework By discussion  
    Bespoke local area maps 250 N/A
    Licence Extensions    
    Consultancy By discussion  
    Group By discussion  
    Joint Venture By discussion  
    International By discussion  


The LM3 system is designed to allow clients to pay only for what they need. * All clients need to purchase one of the Core licences.  In addition to you can add whatever additional modules you need.  We are happy to help you to make the right choices.

Initial Costs cover access to software, assistance with set up and the first year licence cost.  After this first year an annual charge is made for further years, usually half the price of the Initial price as shown and updated on this page.

LM3 licences are limited by default to UK operations by the organisation named on the invoice.  A number of licence extensions are available that cover other scenarios, such as international operations.  We agree these on an individual basis depending on circumstance.

Additional modules can be added at any time and if necessary we will transfer data at no cost.  Initial cost will be Pro Rata to the core licence renewal date to ensure a single annual renewal invoice.

* The Micro/charity licence is subsidised by us for social benefit.  We reserve the right to decide whether applicants are eligible for this licence on a case by case basis.

Annual charges are calculated as 50% of the published Initial cost (shown above) at time of renewal.

Lm3online offer a number of training, audit, data management, mapping, and consultancy services in addition to licences please contact us for more information.

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

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