Our pricing structure reflects the large range of different organisations who are our clients and our own social responsibility policy.  We subsidise heavily small not for profit organisations  who wish to prove their economic impact and at the same time have a flexible product that can be customised for large organisations with more complicated needs.

Price varies according to the number of uses of the model and the number of suppliers.  To find the use that suits you best you can use our licence selector.  Some more examples are described below.

For example a small charity is likely to have very few suppliers and may want to use LM3 to demonstrate their economic benefit to the local community.  They can do this by purchasing a single licence (one use) for up to 10 suppliers for only 30 Euros*.  This enables us to help to continue to subsidise the not for profit sector.

A large multi national may want to use LM3 all over the world as part of its Corporate Social Responsiblity programme with perhaps one LM3 per national area and many thousands of suppliers in each country.  We can design bespoke programs for this use as well.

A medium size public sector organisation may want to run a single LM3 over multiple years to demonstrate how its procurement is continually improving the local economy.  This is a common approach and is accomodated by purchasing multiple licences.

For simplicity we have two standard packages both featuring a single use licence for up to 10 and up to 20 suppliers we find that this meets many of our users needs.  If you want multiple licences or have larger supplier numbers then please contact us directly.


* We reserve the right to decide eligibility for this licence on a case by case basis.